Cameron West, MD, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

As a practicing, board-certified dermatologist with an MBA, Dr. West offers an insightful mix of clinical expertise, commitment to optimal patient outcomes, and business acumen to his role as Genzada Pharmaceutical’s chief operating officer.

Early in his career, West spoke often with Gene Zaid, Genzada’s founder and CEO, about the promising results the company was seeing during its initial in vitro and in vivo lab tests for GZ17-6.02. West found the evidence compelling enough to join the company. He appreciates the unique opportunity his dual role affords him—the ability to practice medicine while also engaging in the creative and innovative pursuit of drug discovery and development.

Today, West balances his passion for medical science and patient care with the intense business focus required to develop medications from inception to market. “The fact that I am still able to practice medicine is incredibly rewarding,” he says. “With the rigorous twists and turns of drug development, medicine keeps me grounded and our company focused where every pharmaceutical company strives to make an impact—in the lives of patients.”

West earned his medical degree at the University of Kansas School of Medicine (Wichita). He completed his dermatology residency at Texas Tech University Health Science Center and clinical research fellowship at Wake Forest University Health Sciences. He holds an MBA from the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University.