Jason West, JD

Executive Vice President

Shepherding scientific discoveries through a complex gauntlet of research, validation, funding, patent protection, government approvals, and manufacturing is nothing new for Jason West. Before he co-founded Genzada Pharmaceuticals, West served as the vice president and general counsel of Jacam Chemical Company after completing his law degree in 2002. It was a natural fit after watching his chemist and entrepreneur father—Jacam founder Gene Zaid—disrupt the oil and gas industry with his novel inventions.

In 2009, West assumed the mantle of president and guided the company through dramatic 430 percent revenue growth. Later, he was instrumental in the $300-million acquisition of Jacam by Calgary-based CES Energy Solutions.

In 2010, West and Zaid started Genzada Pharmaceuticals to investigate promising plant-based therapeutics that target difficult-to-treat cancers. As Genzada’s executive vice president, West is instrumental in the development and commercialization of novel oncology-focused therapies the company hopes will ease human suffering, including the development of the company’s first novel agent—GZ17-6.02.

Since 2015, West has helped raise over $45 million in equity capital to support Genzada’s efforts.
In addition to his role at Genzada, West serves as the chief executive officer of Hyatt Life Sciences, a nutraceutical manufacturing and sales company with proprietary formulations intended for health, wellness and dietary support. He is also currently chairman of the board of GeoChemicals, LLC.

West holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Sterling College. He earned his juris doctor degree from Vermont Law School.